Another Great Game

Will He Live to See…?

This game is a corrolary to the “How Old” game where guests discuss if the guest of honor will still be alive when future events occur. You’ll want to adapt and expand what we have provided and make up your own game rules based on the type of crowd you have assembled. For maximum simplicity, just read the events and ask for a show of hands. Remember, the point is for everyone to have fun helping the guest of honor realize that his days are numbered.

For reference, the age of the verified oldest human being, Jeanne Louise Calment, was 122 years, 164 days. She died August 4, 1997.

We have named the guest of honor “Bob” for this demonstration. Replace that name with your own honoree.


Which of the following will Bob live to see elected president?

• A woman

• Someone born after 1975

• An avowed atheist

• A third-party candidate

• An unmarried person

• An Hispanic person


This is like a modified Death Pool that you can make up yourself. (To see how a really fun and well-managed death pool is run, visit Not for the easily offended.)

Whom will Bob outlive?

• The last Beatle

• Lindsey Lohan

• Dan Ackroyd

• Glenn Beck

• Muhammed Ali

• Bill Clinton

• Bill Gates

• Michael Jordan

• Kim Jong-Il

• Eddie Van Halen

• Justin Bieber


Will Bob live long enough to see any of the following occur?

• United States win a World Cup

• Detroit Lions (or a favorite luckless team) win a Super Bowl

• Chicago Cubs win a World Series

• College football adopt a playoff system

World Events

Will Bob live to see…?

• North Korea adopt a democratic government

• US forces not involved in armed conflict anywhere in the world

• Development of a vaccine that prevents the transmission of HIV

• Gas prices reach $10 per gallon in the U.S.

Blow his mind

Want to give the birthday boy or girl a great gift to show that all your ribbing was just good fun? Enroll him in the ten-day executive program at Singularity University for only $15,000. 

Inspired by and created from the theories of futurist Ray Kurzweil, the university (a non-accredited bleeding edge Silicon Valley type thing) explores the implications of his singularity theory in such fields as biotechnology and bioinformatics (a real word!), robotics and cognitive computing, nanotechnology, space and physical sciences, and energy and ecological systems. 

Kurzweil postulates that progress in many different fields, including technology, will continue to accelerate until it surpasses the ability for the human brain to comprehend the innovations. (Insert SkyNet joke here.) Just trying to understand how all this works will roll back the odometer on a 60-year-old brain by at least several decades.