Party Ideas for a 60th Birthday

Sure, we all know guys turning 60, but do you know what they want for their birthday? They want a fast new car and hot new girlfriend. Even the women. What else would they want? In the mind of a 60 year old, he’s at least 10 to 20 years younger, and he likes the same stuff he did in the twentieth century.

But, hah! He doesn’t get cars and babes for turning 60. He gets a bunch of jerks – family and friends – making fun of him for a few hours and calling it a party. So, if that’s all he can expect, he’ll take it and make the most of it. And with any luck, a good time might break out and everyone will go home smiling.

A 60th Birthday Party Is An Over the Hill Party

An Over the Hill party for a 60 year old (and above) is a chance to let the guest of honor know how much you love him, and that you’re fully behind him in his quest to stay alive for a few more years. This is best done with relentless and inspired mocking , but if you prefer to keep the festivities “dignified,” “respectful” and “other words with quote marks around them,” then cut back on the ridicule and just show him a good time. Either way, you’re holding an Over the Hill party.

Who is the Guest of Honor?

What kind of 60 year old we talking about here, and what is he to you? (We will often refer to your guest of honor as “he,” no matter what sex she is.) What are his interests, health status, and personality? 

Look for things about him that you can use to help pin a theme to the party. Motorcycle enthusiast? Avid reader? Hockey fan? Use what you know.

But don’t overplan or over-theme. Just a few highlights will make the event memorable. Decorations and gifts that carry the theme won’t hurt, no matter how clever your own touches. 

Here’s the help you can find here at Party Ideas for a 60th

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A Great Game: Follow our lead and you’ll have everyone laughing at how old the guest of honor really is

Another Great Game: A followup game where everyone peers into the abyss

What is Old?

Time to brainstorm a bit on the stereotypical aspects of aging that will help you guide your guest of honor toward a fuller understanding of the implications of his advanced age. 

Consider the following:

A 60-year-old’s driving abilities suck because he is old. Miles-in-advance left turn signals, frequent and unnecessary braking, and slow speeds in the left lane are just a few of his sins.

All of his senses are failing. Half blind and hard of hearing, he stumbles around aimlessly hoping someone will help him.

His memory isn’t very good. And what he can remember, he doesn’t understand very well.

He likes to think he stays current with technology, but honestly, every innovation after color TV is a blur.

Is he slow because his knees hurt, or because doddering is just his normal speed now?

Hair? Please. Any hair he still wears is artificial or going gray.

Don’t call after 8:30. He’ll be in bed.

And he’ll be sleeping, not fooling around. At least not without his Viagra or Cialis.

All of these untrue (yet strangely factual) aspects of aging should suggest ways to make your guest of honor the hilarious butt of his own Over the Hill party.

Get All the Help You Can Handle

Unless you visit the family of Over the Hill websites, you are not giving yourself a chance to plan and execute a truly memorable 60th birthday party. Click that clicker thing on the following links before you fall any further behind.

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All the 60th birthday decorations, supplies and gifts you see on these pages, and many more, are available at Over the Jump over there at your earliest convenience and check ‘em out.

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