How Old was Mr./Ms. 60 When...?

The guest of honor is turning 60 years old but what does that really mean? An age like that is too abstract. People need to think about it in terms they understand. Many people, especially the young, tend to confuse events that occurred a decade ago with things that happened at the turn of the century. Also, learning that the guest of honor was 21 when long-forgotten events took place is reminder of just ancient he really is.

Create a questionnaire with significant events listed (but not the dates, obviously), and let people guess the guest of honor’s age when each occurred. Mix in some personal facts along with more national events.
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Here’s a few to get you started. Many more are easily available online.

Moon landing
July 20, 1969

Challenger Disaster
January 28, 1986

Columbine Massacre
April 20, 1999

Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated
April 4, 1968
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First “test tube baby”
July 25, 1978

Beginning of Tet Offensive in Vietnam
January 30, 1968

Date last troops left South Vietnam
March 29, 1973

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
June 2, 1953
(Extra credit: She ascended to the throne on death of her father, King George VI, February 6, 1952)

Watergate Break in
June 17, 1972
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Summer of Love

Death of Malcolm X
February 21, 1965

Admission of Hawaii as the 50th state
August 21, 1959

Berlin Wall Erected
August 13, 1961

Cuban Missile Crisis
October 15-28, 1962

IBM Personal Computer introduced
August 12, 1981

Pong first installed in a bar
September 1972

Sputnik I launched
October 4, 1957

First successful heart transplant
December 3, 1967

Death of first heart transplant recipient
December 21, 1967

Kidnapping of Patricia Hearst
February 5, 1974
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